The Bansuri Signature Massage Rituals

The Royal Bansuri Signature Massage - 75mins - $350

This signature Bansuri massage ritual is inspired by the culture and people of Barbados.  The organic ingredients used in this treatment are harvested from indigenous sustainable resources on the island.  The body is polished with organic raw sugarand a master blend of nourishing essential oils.  The head and scalp are gently massaged and nourished whilst a warm wrap will be applied to the head to allow the hair and scalp to be restored.  The body will be massaged to a euphoric state of relaxation with massage techniques reflective of ocean movements.

Warm Bamboo Massage - 30mins/60mins/90mins - $180/$250/$350

From the Bamboo plant, we make the tools used in this signature massage.  The Bansuri sticks (Bansuri is Hindi for Bamboo) are arranged in varying lengths and widths to aid in the gliding and applying of pressure. The Bansuri sticks activate peripheral circulation.  The enhanced circulation will remove stagnant toxins and move blood through the body.


*All prices are quoted in Barbados Dollars and are subject to change without notice